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The Latrell Show

by Brandon Kyle Goodman

Filmed at the Pico Playhouse

Presented by IAMA Theatre Company

Los Angeles, CA


Co-directed by Stefanie Black and Devere Rogers

Photo by Tom Dowler/Long Haul

Talk Show #1
Talk Show #2
Talk Show #3
Talk Show #4
Talk Show #5
Void #1
Therapy Office #1
Therapy Office #2
Therapy Office #3

3D Rendering

SketchUp Pro 2021 & V-Ray 

Latrell Show_Set Design_Ground Plan-page-001.jpg
Latrell Show_Theraphy_Furniture-FURNITURE_Theraphy-page-001.jpg
Latrell Show_Talk Show_Furniture-FURNITURE-page-001.jpg



Creative Team  

Production & Costume Designer

Lighting Designer

Sound Designer

Director of Photography, Long Haul Films

Song Yi Park

Josh Epstein

Marc Antonio Pritchett

Tom Dowler

Graphic Designer

Hair & Makeup Artist

Technical Director

Frankie Bruny

Alyna Ajere

Helton Najera

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