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String of Butterflies 

CalArts Film, 2017

Written&Directed by Ruolin Xu

Produced by April Tse

Director of Photography by Stivens Luyo

Production Designed by Song Yi Park

Set No.1 Int- Alicia's Bedroom

Hand Drawing

Alicia's room.jpeg

Set No.2 Int- Monster's Cave

Digital Rendering_Photoshop

cave sketch.jpg

Set No.2 Int- Monster's Cave

Set Building

building process.jpeg
Set No.1 Int/ Alicia's Bedroom_01
Set No.1 Int/ Alicia's Bedroom_02
Set No.1 Int/ Alicia's Bedroom_03
Set No.2 Int_ Monster_s Cave_01
Set No.2 Int_ Monster_s Cave_02
Set No.2 Int_ Monster's Cave_03
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