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갸루 포스터 축소.jpg
모나리라 포스터.jpg

Gyaru Fashion Show

27 x 41 in


- Choosing an existing or historic 
subculture and create a piece of graphic 
design about that subculture.

- The format is up to you, but the end 
product must have a strong conceptual 
connection in format, design, and content

to your chosen subculture.


Gyaru fashion is a type of Japanese street 
fashion that originated in the 1970s. It is 
typically characterized by having heavily 
bleached or dyed hair (mostly shades from 
dark brown to blonde), highly decorated 
nails, and dramatic makeup. The makeup 
typically consists of dark eyeliner and fake 
eyelashes used in ways intended to make the 
eyes appear larger, as well as contouring of 
the face for a slimming effect.


Gyaryu is sometimes seen in a negative light 
by some people so I would like to hold ‘Gyaru 
Fashion Show’ to promulgate positively and 
friendly to people.
I put makeup on famous women who are 
already familiar faces from masterpieces such 
as Mona Lisa and Girl with a Pearl Earring.

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